Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thelusuna - Sontham

This is my first attempt in a language that I do not speak. I never even watched Telugu movies until I came to the US. I was fortunate enough to meet so many people from different parts of India, only after I came to the US. Some of my beloved friends from Andhra Pradesh introduced me to Telugu movies and music. This is one of my favorite songs...I especially like the rhythm....I think it is Misra Chapu Thalam...(Please correct me if I'm wrong). Also I am sure my Telugu pronunciation is thickly laced with a Tamil accent and needs a lot of improvement, native Telugu speakers, please correct me as much as possible.

The second stanza has a lot of jarring noise..I could not make the karaoke track any better than that so I tried reducing the volume...

MD: Devi Sri Prasad
Originally by: K.S.Chithra
Movie: Sontham

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