Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thelusuna - Sontham

This is my first attempt in a language that I do not speak. I never even watched Telugu movies until I came to the US. I was fortunate enough to meet so many people from different parts of India, only after I came to the US. Some of my beloved friends from Andhra Pradesh introduced me to Telugu movies and music. This is one of my favorite songs...I especially like the rhythm....I think it is Misra Chapu Thalam...(Please correct me if I'm wrong). Also I am sure my Telugu pronunciation is thickly laced with a Tamil accent and needs a lot of improvement, native Telugu speakers, please correct me as much as possible.

The second stanza has a lot of jarring noise..I could not make the karaoke track any better than that so I tried reducing the volume...

MD: Devi Sri Prasad
Originally by: K.S.Chithra
Movie: Sontham

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enge Yenathu Kavithai - Kandukonden Kandukonden

Who doesn't like this song? Chithra and A.R. Rehman at their best. Srinivas' harmony also lends great support to the song. I felt happy that I am improving my recording and mixing skills everyday. I felt that this one has come out much better than my previous karaoke attempt.

MD: A.R.Rehman
Originally by: K.S.Chithra
Movie: Kandukonden Kandu Konden

Enga Yenathu - Kandukonden Kandukonden | Upload Music

Enge Yenathu Kavithai.wav

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unakkul Naane - Patchai Kili Muthucharam

I tried to create a karaoke track with the tools I had. It's not great, but I figured that I have to start somewhere. This song composed by Harris Jayraj has two versions, one sung by Madhushree where the pallavi is sung on a higher octave and the other one by Bombay Jayshree hitting the lower notes(perfect for her voice). I have tried both. Comments appreciated as usual.
MD: Harris Jayaraj
Movie: Patchai Kili Muthucharam
Version 1
Originally by :Madhushree

Originally by :Bombay Jayshree

Monday, October 01, 2007

Naalai Intha Velai - Uyarntha Maithan

Originally By: P.Suseela
MD: M.S. Viswanathan
This song fetched the National Award for P.Suseela amma as most of you are aware. It was tough for me scale(pitch)wise. Please pardon flaws. However, you are always welcome as usual to point them out and help me improve.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About Karaoke Tracks

I have a problem when I try to record over Karaoke tracks. I let the BGM track play out and simultaneously record my voice on another track( to be later mixed). I use Audacity recording software. However, I find that there is a time lag when I try to play it. I've tried to move and align my voice track with the BGM track but somehow its not perfect - the worst part is...even if I manage to align the beginning of it perfectly...I find that I have messed up the timing several times it sounds like I am trying to hastily catch up with the beat/timing. It's frustrating. Its not like recording with music is entirely new to me. I have about 1.5 years experience recording for devotional song tracks (they just call them tracks - they are actually substitute singing to help in futher instrument mixing etc. Voice by a popular singer is finally added to the mix after they remove my voice) when I was in Chennai. So I don't understand why this is hapenning. Makes me have real respect for all you guys out there successfully posting songs recorded over Karaoke. Any suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rasave Unna nambi - Muthal Maryathai

Originally By: S.Janaki
MD: Illayaraja
This song is on blogger "Santyappa"s request. Thanks for suggesting these timeless songs. Will post the next one shortly.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ooru Sanam - Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu

Originally by: S. Janaki
MD: M.S. Viswanathan and Illayaraja

Once again, I picked a classic all of these songs are the trademark voice test songs of any wannabe singer and I am no exception. I tried fiddling with the Audacity software that accomplished blogger Jo suggested, somehow I do not have the finnese that he has in using software for recording over karaoke tracks. It did not sound good - In the end I just stuck to singing with no music.

Although composed by both MDs this has the shades of Illayaraja than MSV. Another song 'dhil dhil dhil manathil' is closer to MSV's style- possibly because P.Suseela has sung it??

I messed up the first stanza (rightly pointed out by my husband Leo) but I really liked the way the second stanza came out.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Katril Enthan - Johnny

Originally by S.Janaki
MD: Illayaraja
Movie: Johnny
I had previously posted this ( not as a streaming audio) I decided to try this again as I can never be satisfied with the way this song comes out...if I get the humming right, then I miss some notes in the stanza...if everything seems right, then I miss pronouce some words...God it drives me nuts - but at one point I just had to give up and post it as I figured I can never get this right not even close...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Aagaya Gangai - Dharmayutham
Originally sung by S. Janaki and Malaysia Vasudevan
MD: Maestro Illayaraja