Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unakkul Naane - Patchai Kili Muthucharam

I tried to create a karaoke track with the tools I had. It's not great, but I figured that I have to start somewhere. This song composed by Harris Jayraj has two versions, one sung by Madhushree where the pallavi is sung on a higher octave and the other one by Bombay Jayshree hitting the lower notes(perfect for her voice). I have tried both. Comments appreciated as usual.
MD: Harris Jayaraj
Movie: Patchai Kili Muthucharam
Version 1
Originally by :Madhushree

Originally by :Bombay Jayshree


Jo said...

Hey Anitha, wonderful effort!! Could you please check the audio channels? I hear your voice only in the left channel. Please check. Thanks. Otherwise, a great effort!

anitha shalini said...

Hi Jo, Thank you so much for stopping by - yes I noticed it...and I figured out how to get the voice to balance on both right and left channels...I think my latest one (Enge enathu) has come out much better in this respect. I am using a s/w called multitrack studio lite edition. Thank you for the valuable feedback again.

Sherin Salam said...

Hi Anitha,

Sung very well. Great expressions. Except the audio output is not very clear. If you could correct that, it would be amazing. I've been trying hard to get a karaoke for this song.

Keep it going!


Arun G S said...

No need to say good. Its very good :-). You have improved a lot from this song to Enge enathu kavithai... Keep going.
With Love,

Rasam said...

Hi Anitha,
Nice songs and you have a wonderful voice. I am looking for Karaoke for Unnakkul naanae... could you email that to me, I would be very grateful. My mail id... Thanks appreciate it.