Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enge Yenathu Kavithai - Kandukonden Kandukonden

Who doesn't like this song? Chithra and A.R. Rehman at their best. Srinivas' harmony also lends great support to the song. I felt happy that I am improving my recording and mixing skills everyday. I felt that this one has come out much better than my previous karaoke attempt.

MD: A.R.Rehman
Originally by: K.S.Chithra
Movie: Kandukonden Kandu Konden

Enga Yenathu - Kandukonden Kandukonden | Upload Music

Enge Yenathu Kavithai.wav


Prem Abraham said...

Hesitant start, but improves greatly as it progress. Excellent work. Keep it up.

anitha shalini said...

Hi Prem, Thanks for the comment and encouragement. Please visit often, I haven't gotten a chance to listen to your posts, will do so this weekend.

Ranjith said...

this song is one of my favourite. good job.i think you could have increased the volume of ur song a bit was awesome.keep posting.

priti said...

Anitha...very clear voice...fantastic singing....Increase in volume would have done wonders..listened to your other songs was pleasant to hear :)

Roshini said...

Hi dee,the pitch is a suitable one for u....but i felt u were able to bring out the actual feel of the song nly from the second charanam...but as i know that a second take wid tht karoake track is a troublesome job,this song is totally good as of now.....but i know u can do a lot better...waiting to hear more melodies from ur lovely voice...

arvindh said...

What I find impressive about your work is that you are able to sing in a wide range of pitches. You are able to render as close to the original singer as possible. Initially when I listened to your rendering gems by P.Suseela and S.Janaki, I assumed that my familiarity with those songs evoked the original singers when I heard your rendition, but now, on listening to these relatively new songs (that I am not as familiar with), I can see that you truly have a great gift of varying your voice.

On another note, I find the Karoke tracks overpowering your voice though. Maybe once you get more comfortable using them this may not be an issue?

anitha shalini said...

Hi ranjith and Prithi, thanks for the feedback - will work on my recording skills.
My dear Sis Roshini thanks for stopping by. Will definitely take your advice and try to make sure the emotions of the song are not lost - waiting to see your blog soon.
Aravindh, Thank you again for constantly encouraging me, although I am unclear if your comment implies that you see versatility in terms of pitch, pronounciation, style or emotion or that my voice imitates any of the great singers whose songs I've tried out...I hope its the former because the latter would be the biggest drawback for any singer.

arvindh said...

It is the former, in fact, I do refer to the pitch range....

Selvam said...

Hi Anitha,

You have an excellent and very sweet voice. My daughter is also an upcoming singer and has rendered a few songs such as 'Yethetho Ennam ... ', 'Maalayil Yaaro', etc. I am not an expert, but, I was reasonably successful in using Audacity to merge the Karaoke tracks and her voice track, with relative ease. We live in Maryland, USA. Keep up the good work and your melodious, sweet voice. One observation, if I may: In 'Enge Yenathu Kavithai', your voice level comes across louder (dominant) than the background music. Perhaps, if you had reduced the mic input level, a tad bit lower, it might have blended well. I could be wrong, but, I wanted to let you what I felt, as I listened to your singing.

With best wishes,

Sujatha said...

hey anitha, i wasnt feeling sleepy, somehow ended up in ur voice blog and started to listen to ur songs, eventually my hubby started to listen to ur songs...we both enjoyed it...this msg is to pass on his appreciation to u...:)

Music said...

hi anitha,nice job.Singing is good tooo!!do keep posting.Could u pls let me know how to do you record the song n post it here.This is the first time i am visiting ur blog.

anitha shalini said...

Hi Selvam, thanks for your feedback. Clearly I need to improve both my voice and my recording skills.

Sujatha, thanks to you and your husband, glad you could enjoy it.

'Music', I have an Audio Technica ATR-20 microphone. Got it at Bestbuy. They have this and much better microphones...I use multitrack studio software free version for recording and mixing. I have an account at to store and stream my songs. Let me know if you need help.

Music said...

Thanks for the response anitha.I will let u know if i need anymore help in posting the songs.
Till then here are some of my songs that i have uploaded.DO listen to them n let me know your comments.

saranyasubramanya said...

hi have a very great voice. can u pls tell me where to get the karaoke of this song ya? u r the 2nd inspiration for my singing career.

anitha shalini said...

Hi Saranya, Thank you. I created the Karaoke track using some s/w that removes the voice track from an mp3. It does not produce great quality, but it works for me for now. I will email this track to your gmail address.

isai said...

hi anitha,could u pls let me know if there is any free audio blog site to stream our audios.hipcast is paid service.hard luck yaar.:(:(
I have been trying since a long time.If I try recording in youtube its givs a huge grrrrrr sound.awful I thought of doing it pls let me know anitha.

Anonymous said...

I do not have any background in music - nor do I know any of the terms that are associated with the notes -but I do know to appreciate music - or should I say I have a pretty good ear for music.

Having said that - you did justice to the song - you managed to replicate Chitra's voice to the best extent possible - other than Chitra herself. It is a wonderful feat and as people say you possess the gift.

The only problem I had was it was there seemed to be a slight echo effect - maybe it is my speakers -

Beautiful voice -Beautiful Music

In a nutshell - ENJOYED

Thanks Much :)

Arun G S said...

Beautiful Voice.
In pallavi hear "Kavithai" once more. Refine "Ammamma" sangathi.
Anupallavi and charanam were exceptionally good, except for 2 or 3 slightly off notes. "Kelkkuthe" was awesome.
You have done a great job. Keep up the grt work.Keep posting more.
With Love,

vasu said...

Hi Anitha

Enge Yenathu Kavithai -

Its Ultimate - So good

Even we are like to record like this , could you tell me how do mix both music track and voice combine

what kind of software you use
i have you have writen about the
software about Audacity

But still its for only recording

what about the mixing

And what kind of mike you will use


vasu said...

It will be Greatful if you tell

me that software , please help us

in telling karoke softwares and

mixing softwares

Adithi said...

Hi Anitha. Amazing clarity in your voice and a very good attempt of the song! Higher vocal volume would have made it even better! Looking forward to hear more songs from you :).

Can you please direct me to the right site that I can get this karaoke track from? Also, please do visit by blogspot when you find time.