Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ninaithu Ninaithu - 7G Rainbow colony

Need I say more. This song is soul stirring if I may use a cliche. There is no other way to describe it.It is an old favorite that I've attempted many times but never had the guts to post...I gave it one more try. My husband who is my first critic - keeps pushing me to do better. He still gave me only 70% for this. He thinks I should work on this more. But I was just determined to finish and post this by tonight. So here it is. As I do more of more of this, I am pushing myself harder. It never sounds good enough. But that's the whole purpose of this blog. To keep trying and learning and hopefully getting better at this. In the process if I have given you a few minutes of listening pleasure I couldn't ask for more. As always please post feedback, both positive and negative. Thank you.

Ninaithu Ninaithu - 7G Rainbow Colony