Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ooru Sanam - Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu

Originally by: S. Janaki
MD: M.S. Viswanathan and Illayaraja

Once again, I picked a classic all of these songs are the trademark voice test songs of any wannabe singer and I am no exception. I tried fiddling with the Audacity software that accomplished blogger Jo suggested, somehow I do not have the finnese that he has in using software for recording over karaoke tracks. It did not sound good - In the end I just stuck to singing with no music.

Although composed by both MDs this has the shades of Illayaraja than MSV. Another song 'dhil dhil dhil manathil' is closer to MSV's style- possibly because P.Suseela has sung it??

I messed up the first stanza (rightly pointed out by my husband Leo) but I really liked the way the second stanza came out.


Somasundaram said...

hi anitha, nice song , sung very well. Keep posting more.Do you entertain "Neyar virupam"?.

santyappa said...

Hi anitha...first of all beautiful voice...comparing all the three songs according to me this one is is the best sung....may be b'coz it is less tough compared to kattril en geetham...and i think i figured why the second stanza sounds better than the first...the second stanza sounds more passionate whereas the first sounds a bit more sorrowful...since the situation is radha singing with longing for her aasai machan... if you portray the same feeling in the first stanza it will definitely come out better

aamirthaa said...

hai Anitha,
Im Amirtha your batch mate( I rode Yamaha bike you remember me...) Very happy and excited to hear your voice. Keep practising and wishing you all the BEST!!!. Mail me if you can to

anitha shalini said...

Thank you all for the comments and encouragement-

Somasundaram - sure let me know if you have any songs in mind- I am familiar with 80s and 90s songs and I can quickly get the lyrics, listen to them a couple of times and try out. But the latest songs, I am not keeping up much with them - too busy these days with work so it might take longer for me to practice and post.

Santyappa- duly noted - will try to keep the emotions intact while singing. You are right when singing Katril I was focussing more on the technicalities and the notes of the song rather than the feel and emotion, Ooru sanam being an easier number made me relax and go a little more with the emotions that the song evokes.

Amirtha- great to catch you here - I remember you of course - will mail you soon, keep checking back this page.

santyappa said...

how about posting "Raasave Unnai nambi intha rosappoo irukkuthunga"

and also "mounaman neram ila manathil enna bharam"

Durga said...

wow beautiful. i love it. would love to hear u with the music.