Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About Karaoke Tracks

I have a problem when I try to record over Karaoke tracks. I let the BGM track play out and simultaneously record my voice on another track( to be later mixed). I use Audacity recording software. However, I find that there is a time lag when I try to play it. I've tried to move and align my voice track with the BGM track but somehow its not perfect - the worst part is...even if I manage to align the beginning of it perfectly...I find that I have messed up the timing badly...like several times it sounds like I am trying to hastily catch up with the beat/timing. It's frustrating. Its not like recording with music is entirely new to me. I have about 1.5 years experience recording for devotional albums...movie song tracks (they just call them tracks - they are actually substitute singing to help in futher instrument mixing etc. Voice by a popular singer is finally added to the mix after they remove my voice) when I was in Chennai. So I don't understand why this is hapenning. Makes me have real respect for all you guys out there successfully posting songs recorded over Karaoke. Any suggestions welcome.


santyappa said...

Ur voice has a unique stand-alone quality to it..so don't get worked up or frustrated trying to sing with with karaoke...Please keep posting songs....2day morning i was listening to "kuzhaloothum kannanukku" and immediately i was thinking how it would sound from u..
Cheer Up

Prakash said...

Anitha.,,, u still rock...was hearing all the songs that is in ur blog..that too i was hearing them by 1:30 in the nyt.. it was soooo pleasant to hear them in ur voice.. Keep rocking my frend.. all the best for ur future endevors..

ever a frend

anitha shalini said...

Hey Prakash, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Please visit often.

Prem Abraham said...

Anitha - It is important to sing in rhythm. Pitch and notes are important, but without the correct rhythm the listener will never feel the song.

The best way to practise is to do it with a metronome. Metronome provides a constant beat (click), and you can also adjust the tempo to various speed levels. It is going to be hard to begin with, but keep practising and I'm sure you'll get it.

Here is a good one.

Korg MA-30 Compact Digital Metronome

Raveendra said...

keep recording.. Good Voice..